MedSpring Waterside - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Didnt even feel my shot! Kudos!    
9/10/2017Great staff, * was great!    
9/9/2017Overall great experience!    
9/9/2017Very nice and engaging staff    
9/7/2017Everything was great    
9/7/2017Everything was great!!    
9/7/2017Quick and easy as always!    
9/7/2017The only problem has been the difficulty of getting my results.    
9/7/2017They very helpful and concerned about my wellbeing    
9/7/2017Very nice    
9/6/2017I will return to this facility for any medical care    
9/6/2017It was great    
9/6/2017Quick and easy with friendly staff    
9/6/2017Very fast and efficient    
9/5/2017Very speedy    
9/5/2017This was one of the best facilities Ive ever been to. The staff was kind, professional, and quick. Im amazed.    
9/4/2017I love this place. Fast and friendly service.    
9/4/2017I would definitely return when needed!    
9/4/2017The best care and speedy service Ive ever experienced!    
9/4/2017Very satisfied    
9/3/2017Very nice staff and short to almost no wait.    
9/1/2017I had a pleasant experience    
9/1/2017I love the refreshments bonus best idea ever help me go if you know what I mean    
9/1/2017Thank you all for being so kind.    
9/1/2017Very quick and pleasant employees!    
8/31/2017Loved staff    
8/31/2017Loved the environment and staff    
8/31/2017Really good and nice people    
8/30/2017Loved the quick service. Thank you    
8/30/2017Quick and friendly    
8/30/2017Very fast    
8/30/2017Very nice and very patient    
8/29/2017Everything was great!    
8/27/2017It was quick and awesome.    
8/26/2017I like    
8/26/2017iPad not wiped down after every use. Can spread viruses    
8/26/2017Nice people    
8/24/2017Everything I s perfect    
8/24/2017My friend came here before, and even though its a bit far, she insisted we come here because everyone is so nice!    
8/22/2017It was fast and convenient    
8/22/2017It was great I enjoyed the visit    
8/22/2017Wonderful facility and staff    
8/20/2017Awesome. Fast and easy check in. Pleasant staff. They listened to my concerns and explained everything.    
8/20/2017Extremely pleasant front desk nurse and dr    
8/20/2017I am so grateful for the wonderful care I received today in the clinic. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable describes everyone in this clinic. Thank you!!!    
8/19/2017Very clean and kind staff!    
8/17/2017Fast in and out    
8/17/2017Great employees    
8/17/2017The employees are very polite and professional.    
8/15/2017The lady was very nice    
8/15/2017This staff is awesome!    
8/13/2017They were amazing and very caring    
8/11/2017Great service, no appointment still quick in and out.    
8/11/2017Soooo fast and friendly    
8/10/2017Best experience Ive had when sick.    
8/10/2017Friendly staff would definitely return and recommend thank you    
8/10/2017Great service    
8/10/2017It was great!    
8/9/2017Greatest healthcare experience EVER!    
8/9/2017Very nice people!    
8/5/2017Pa and my attending assistant were awesome, all together a good experience the two young ladies were very professional    
8/5/2017Very smooth and easy appointment Thanks Tania    
8/4/2017Everyone that helped me today were very professional and friendly.    
8/4/2017Excellent staff sweet.    
8/3/2017Very quick! And very nice people!    
8/3/2017Phenomenal customer service, have never been treated so quickly and with a high degree of professionalism. Doctor and staff should be commended. Will definitely tell my family and friends. Thank you    
8/2/2017Thanks Ill see you all soon!!    
8/2/2017Very fast and staff were nice and exact.    
7/31/2017Great staff    
7/30/2017Quick and easy clean comfortable environment    
7/28/2017This place is great!    
7/26/2017Just thank you. We are from out of town and it was great to find a place so quickly.    
7/26/2017The staff is very friendly and take care of your needs    
7/24/2017Everyone here is always very nice and helpful.    
7/24/2017Very friendly staff    
7/24/2017Very satisfied with service    
7/22/2017I would recommend to others    
7/21/2017Everything is perfect    
7/21/2017Excellent, prompt and professional from online registration to check out! Highly recommend!    
7/21/2017Friendly staff    
7/21/2017I would love to be a patient here.    
7/21/2017Loved it!    
7/21/2017Nurse was awesome. For me being the patient in pain. She tried to make me as comfortable as possible.    
7/20/2017Everyone was very nice and friendly    
7/20/2017Love the staff    
7/20/2017Thank you    
7/20/2017The staff was super friendly and caring.    
7/18/2017Recommended over the counter medicine saving another copay for anti biopics.    
7/18/2017The staff is very courteous    
7/18/2017Very considerate and professional friendly staff    
7/18/2017Very friendly staff .    
7/16/2017* was excellent    
7/13/2017Great service. Quick. Painless    
7/12/2017The service was very helpful, courteous %26rapidly help me obtain the information I needed for work    
7/12/2017Both ladies were very nice and professional