MedSpring W. 7th - Ft. Worth - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Quick in and out, love it!    
9/10/2017Great staff    
9/9/2017Great experience    
9/9/2017Thanks big man.    
9/8/2017Fast and super nice    
9/8/2017Nice and efficient    
9/7/2017Its all good    
9/7/2017* and * were fantastic    
9/6/2017Friendly staff!    
9/6/2017Friendly. They do their job very well    
9/6/2017Great experience!    
9/6/2017I am always nervous around doctors. They put me at ease and expanded on everything as it happened. I will come back if I need anything.    
9/6/2017Kind, friendly and very quick process.    
9/5/2017Great service    
9/5/2017NP was a little brusk with me.    
9/3/2017Friendly staff and efficient!    
9/3/2017Staff was great    
9/1/2017Thank you so much dr. *    
8/31/2017Very quick place which is appreciated    
8/30/2017Always nice when I come here    
8/30/2017Great experience. Friendly staff. Two thumbs up    
8/29/2017Always a great experience!    
8/29/2017Everyone is so sweet! Really enjoyed this facility. Thank yall :)    
8/29/2017Great service and great people. I always feel comfortable coming here.    
8/29/2017Loved the caring and sweet service    
8/29/2017Loved the staff!!    
8/29/2017Nice staff!    
8/28/2017Thank you * and *    
8/27/2017Everyone was very friendly and professional!    
8/27/2017Great facility, staff and service    
8/27/2017I will never go anywhere else. Wonderful experience!    
8/26/2017Best experience I have had with urgent care!    
8/25/2017Great service!    
8/25/2017Thanks yall    
8/24/2017The gentleman at the front desk was very helpful w/ figuring out the glitch that was going on w/ my insurance. Everyone in the office is so kind %26 professional.    
8/24/2017Great experience    
8/24/2017Its always great here!    
8/24/2017Nice happy people with positive energy    
8/23/2017Great place    
8/23/2017Really fast    
8/23/2017Thank You!    
8/23/2017Very nice staff    
8/22/2017Awesome experience. Lightning quick    
8/22/2017Place is great    
8/22/2017Very fast and great customer service. Very friendly.    
8/21/2017This was the easiest, fastest, best priced medical visit of any weve experienced. Everyone we interacted with were kind, and helpful.    
8/20/2017Awesome service. Super fast and friendly.    
8/18/2017I liked the fast and professional service that was received today. Everyone was so kind.    
8/18/2017Provider was very professional. * and other staffs were very friendly and compassionate. Excellent experience!    
8/18/2017This place is great!    
8/17/2017Appreciate the quick visit and results!    
8/17/2017Great service!    
8/17/2017In and out    
8/17/2017Omg!! * and * are a true blessing, the world needs more smiling faces and kindhearted people like them!!    
8/17/2017Super great!    
8/16/2017Love this place    
8/16/2017Quick and easy    
8/16/2017Quicker than I expected    
8/15/2017Personnel are professional and have a good bedside manner.    
8/15/2017She was nice    
8/15/2017Very friendly!    
8/15/2017Very good service and very fast service. I would definitely recommend.    
8/15/2017Friendly staff    
8/15/2017Great customer service    
8/13/2017Thank you    
8/13/2017Very quick which is nice    
8/13/2017Better than *    
8/12/2017Thank you for being honest    
8/12/2017Thanks for being here while my doctor is out.    
8/12/2017Thats a quick and friendly visit    
8/11/2017Great place!    
8/10/2017Thankful for normalizing a painful earache and taking care of me!    
8/10/2017Very helpful and professional. Excellent advertising and very clean facility    
8/10/2017Very nice service    
8/9/2017Awesome staff    
8/9/2017Good job    
8/9/2017It was great    
8/9/2017The tech was very nice and a good conversation starter I enjoyed my time here    
8/9/2017Staff were incredible    
8/8/2017The staff was fantastic. The provider was sweet and knowledgeable.    
8/8/2017Very efficient and professional staff    
8/5/2017Omg thanks guys!    
8/2/2017Staff was wonderful!    
8/2/2017* was amazing, friendly, and courteous, even helped keep the front patient area clean.    
8/1/2017Great patient care    
7/31/2017Good, quick experience! Great customer service! Will return when needed    
7/31/2017Great service will certainly recommend to friends and family    
7/31/2017Really impressed great experience.    
7/30/2017Fantastic staff! Very kind!    
7/29/2017Very clean, and quick. Thank you Omar, Terrance, and dr. Victoria. Awesome staff and facility.    
7/27/2017The receptionist was absolutely wonderful and friendly. Everything was quick and easy. It was a very great experience.    
7/26/2017The part of the website where you can make a reservation says you open at 8 onwednsday