MedSpring W. 7th - Ft. Worth - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
7/25/2017Great staff and great service! Very helpful also, will recommend! :)    
7/25/2017Quick and painless    
7/25/2017This is one of the best urgent care facilities around.    
7/25/2017Very friendly staff and clean facility.    
7/23/2017Thank you,,    
7/21/2017Great service and staff    
7/20/2017Everyone was very nice and helpful! Best urgent care Ive been to    
7/20/2017Great experience    
7/20/2017Very quick    
7/20/2017Very quick and friendly    
7/19/2017Very friendly and professional.    
7/18/2017Great experience. Thanks.    
7/18/2017Great service and didnt have to wait.    
7/18/2017Terrific staff!    
7/18/2017The guy in the front was helpful and understanding. Facility is nice cool and clean :)    
7/16/2017Spend quality time    
7/15/2017Both practitioners were amazing: calming, knowledgble, friendly and fast. Mega thanks!    
7/13/2017Everyone was kind and professional!!    
7/13/2017Great fast visit!    
7/12/2017Thank you very much, wonderful staff .    
7/12/2017Very quick    
7/11/2017Awesome staff very professional.    
7/11/2017Friendly staff    
7/9/2017Easy, quick, affordable    
7/9/2017Excellent service and medical care!    
7/9/2017MedSpring is my urgent care center of choice, they always take good care of us!    
7/9/2017Thank you for the quick and attentive care!    
7/8/2017Excellent and thorough care    
7/8/2017It was fast friendly and efficient!    
7/7/2017Great job!    
7/6/2017Everyone is super friendly    
7/6/2017Terrence is AWESOME! So helpful!    
7/6/2017Thanks bro    
7/6/2017Thanks doctor *    
7/6/2017Thanks guys!    
7/6/2017Very clean and friendly    
7/5/2017The staff was very nice and friendly    
7/5/2017They were awesome    
7/5/2017Yall are awesome!    
7/3/2017Everyone is very friendly and fast thank you    
7/3/2017Yall are great!    
7/2/2017Very clean office and quiet    
6/29/2017All good. Kind people    
6/29/2017Great experience and very efficient process!    
6/29/2017Very nice    
6/26/2017Fast and great    
6/26/2017Thank you    
6/26/2017Thank you!    
6/26/2017Fast and great    
6/25/2017Great service!    
6/25/2017Great service!    
6/25/2017This is a fantastic, wellrun facility that I wish more people knew about.    
6/25/2017Very nice staff    
6/25/2017This is a fantastic, well run facility.    
6/25/2017Very nice staff!    
6/24/2017It was great    
6/24/2017This place is beautiful and the service is great!    
6/24/2017It was great    
6/24/2017This place is beautiful and the service is great!    
6/23/2017It was a very nice facility they offered free snacks and beverages which is cool.    
6/23/2017Everybody here is so kind and helpful. Thank you all    
6/23/2017It was a very nice facility they offered free snacks and beverages which is cool    
6/23/2017Everybody here is so kind and helpful. Thank you all    
6/22/2017The staff are very professional and friendly    
6/22/2017Very professional and understanding    
6/20/2017Excellent service!    
6/19/2017Very fast and helpful staff.    
6/17/2017* is great!    
6/17/2017Wonderful staff, very helpful and accommodating    
6/16/2017Everyone was very friendly    
6/16/2017Extremely comfortable and convenient    
6/16/2017Great place! Very nice waiting area, great intake process, nice people and efficient!    
6/15/2017Great staff    
6/15/2017Location was great!    
6/14/2017Loved it!    
6/14/2017Thanks for seeing me so quickly as a walk in    
6/10/2017Theyre wonderful here. Awesome experience    
6/8/2017All staff were professional, courteous and friendly. Great snacks. Enjoyed my favorite show on cable.    
6/8/2017Thank you!    
6/8/2017Wow! The facility is bright and clean, the staff is friendly and attentive, and service is quick.    
6/7/2017It was painless and simple from start to finish    
6/7/2017Thank you to all of you!    
6/6/2017I loved how quickly I was served and how sincere the employees were.    
6/6/2017This was great. Very comfortable.    
6/6/2017Wonderful customer service    
6/5/2017Awesome crew and really professional    
6/4/2017Thank you!    
6/3/2017Thanks * and * you all are true lifesavers    
6/3/2017Fast fun and friendly    
6/2/2017I love MedSpring! Love the facilities, service and the staff!    
6/1/2017* and * were amazing! I felt important and confident that they heard my concerns and cared about my recovery.    
5/29/2017I felt like I was in great hands throughout my entire experience here. Will absolutely be back if and when I need an Urgent Care    
5/29/2017* was so wonderful and helpful! I appreciated the quality customer service and care. Will definitely recommend to friends!    
5/29/2017Staff was friendly and fast on a holiday weekend. Appreciate that.    
5/29/2017Fast and simple.