MedSpring West Loop - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017* was great she was so patient and made getting stitches a breeze    
9/11/2017Love this place!    
9/11/2017Multiple staff switched checking me in, I was asked questions three times    
9/11/2017The place was very clean and the staff was very nice.    
9/10/2017Exceeded my expectations    
9/10/2017Excellent care. Very compassionate.    
9/10/2017Excellent nurse and doctor    
9/10/2017Staff is awesome    
9/9/2017Amazing speed and kindness    
9/8/2017Great doctor!    
9/7/2017Everything was fine.    
9/7/2017Such a pleasant experience. The doctor and his assistant were knowledgeable and easy to speak to.    
9/7/2017Thank you    
9/6/2017Everyone was very professional, caring and nice.    
9/6/2017Ive been to the location in Dallas and Chicago and they are both top notch.    
9/6/2017The attendants are great, they show hospitality, professionalism and their fast.    
9/6/2017Very friendly staff. Thanks! Quick and easy.    
9/5/2017Friendly and fast    
9/4/2017Girls were great    
9/3/2017As painless as an unanticipated doctor visit can be    
9/3/2017Great urgent care center. Very friendly and quick helpful care. They answered all questions I had.    
9/3/2017Parking needs to be free    
9/3/2017Thank you for staying    
9/2/2017The facility is very nice. The tv and couch were a very comforting touch.    
9/2/2017They helpful    
9/1/2017Everyone was so friendly. The doctor also talked to me about traveling and buying a portable mister to sty hydrated on a plane. Above and beyond service in a stressful time!    
9/1/2017Great Staff    
9/1/2017* was the best    
8/31/2017Quick and easy. Thanks    
8/31/2017Will return    
8/30/2017The staff was incredibly nice. Service was very fast. Great great    
8/29/2017Great experience. Great people.    
8/29/2017It was late and they were awesome    
8/29/2017* is the best    
8/29/2017Would come back any time    
8/28/2017* great    
8/28/2017Great staff. Especially the nurses. Particularly *    
8/28/2017I wouldve loved to have been able to know the test results ?    
8/28/2017The ladies was very nice and welcoming. Clean and speedy    
8/28/2017Very friendly and helpful.    
8/26/2017Attentive staff, easy access, excellent service. Would definitely come back and would recommend    
8/26/2017Great service    
8/26/2017Incredible Midwest courtesy and professionalism    
8/26/2017No wait and friendly staff. Thank you!    
8/25/2017Great, fast service.    
8/25/2017This was the most convenient urgent care Ive ever been to. Everyone was friendly, polite, professional, and efficient. Id absolutely return here.    
8/24/2017As always the staff is friendly and professional. Thank you!    
8/24/2017Loved everything!    
8/23/2017Everything was perfect from greeting to the payment...!    
8/23/2017Great staff    
8/23/2017Incredible service. Best urgent care Ive been to    
8/23/2017The staff here are great!    
8/23/2017The team are amazing    
8/23/2017All staff were courteous and professional.    
8/22/2017My experience was perfect    
8/21/2017Best urgent care experience ever    
8/21/2017Very friendly staff and excellent care!    
8/20/2017Always great service!    
8/20/2017* and * are the best! Quick, friendly, and professional. Solved my ailment in no time!    
8/20/2017Everyone was great! Super friendly and calm during a stressful illness. Will definitely come back!    
8/20/2017I would definitely bring all of them at home with me to spoil me. Great friendly kind people.    
8/20/2017Love this place. Awesome ppl!!!    
8/20/2017Nice people to deal with    
8/20/2017The staff was very friendly and helpful. They listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions    
8/19/2017* very nice to my mom who has limited English made her very comfortable thank you great experience    
8/19/2017Everyone was amazing which made for an easy visit    
8/18/2017All good.    
8/18/2017Dr. * is great. God bless him.    
8/18/2017Staff was very friendly and took care of me    
8/17/2017Doctor and PA were awesome!    
8/17/2017Great bedside manner and professional service!    
8/16/2017Everyone made me feel better and more comfortable    
8/16/2017Very helpful and I didnt feel judge!    
8/15/2017The employees here went out of their way to assist me.    
8/15/2017Very helpful and accommodating staff.    
8/15/2017Best Ive ever been treated in a medical facility!    
8/15/2017First time here %26 it was awesome!    
8/14/2017Great care!!!    
8/13/2017Very thorough exam and courteous staff / Dr.    
8/13/2017Better supplies for numbing    
8/12/2017Friendly and fast    
8/12/2017I like the tv for the alone time throughout the visit.    
8/11/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Nice to know this is so close should I have an urgent need again.    
8/11/2017Great customer service and staff    
8/11/2017I love this place!!! I come all the way down here from old town because the service is so good    
8/11/2017Professional and friendly staff!    
8/10/2017Make Ctrl paper work able to be used on the computer    
8/10/2017MedSprings care for me was indeed treated with urgency    
8/10/2017Very quick and informative !    
8/9/2017Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable