MedSpring West Loop - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/9/2017I love the friendly atmosphere here.    
8/9/2017The staff is very professional and caring.    
8/8/2017* and * were very polite and helpful.    
8/8/2017Nice facilities    
8/7/2017* is very kind and nice    
8/7/2017* is very nice    
8/7/2017* nice    
8/7/2017* real sweet    
8/7/2017First time here and everything was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Will recommend MedSpring    
8/7/2017Great staff, and service...    
8/6/2017* is why we keep coming back she is great    
8/6/2017My second visit. Everyone very friendly and professional.    
8/6/2017Super fast!!!    
8/6/2017Very friendly staff!    
8/5/2017* was great    
8/5/2017Fast and efficient    
8/5/2017Nice people    
8/5/2017Thank u    
8/5/2017Very nice and professional    
8/4/2017Amazing team!    
8/4/2017Everything was great    
8/4/2017Excellent service from the moment we walked in. Would highly recommend to anyone. * was beyond helpful. Thank you!!!!    
8/4/2017Friendly people    
8/4/2017I was treated very well. Quickly and thoroughly    
8/4/2017Kind and judgement free    
8/4/2017Outstanding service I could not be more impressed with the professionalism of everyone I encountered. By far the best urgent care experience Ive ever had    
8/4/2017Very efficient and friendly    
8/2/2017* the best why I continue to come back    
8/2/2017Everything was great    
8/2/2017Staff is extremely friendly overall great customer service    
8/2/2017The entire staff were very friendly and made the visit comfortable with my medical issue.    
8/2/2017Very welcoming    
8/2/2017You guys are great.    
8/1/2017Excellent service    
7/31/2017Concerns not answered by physician.    
7/30/2017Fast, friendly and convenient.    
7/30/2017No wait on a Sunday! Great service with a few jokes... all good    
7/29/2017Very great experience by everyone    
7/27/2017Thank god theyre open late    
7/27/2017They were very friendly and helpful    
7/26/2017Top notch as always    
7/25/2017Always so helpful n friendly here. Never have had bad experience; n have come 3x for myself n others for twin 2 yr olds    
7/25/2017Great experience!    
7/25/2017Great staff    
7/25/2017I dont like touching these pads that other sick people touch    
7/25/2017Scheduled, arrived, and was treated on the same day. Good service.    
7/25/2017Thanks for taking care of me    
7/25/2017The nurses and doctors were very helpful, quick and patient. I would recommend this place to everyone.    
7/24/2017This was the best experience in an urgent care. The whole staff was excellent! Very caring and attentive!!    
7/23/2017Everyone was fantastic    
7/23/2017Friendly staff and helpful    
7/23/2017Staff was very nice and comforting :)    
7/23/2017Very helpful in providing information.    
7/22/2017Awesome experience, thanks for taking care of me    
7/22/2017I love * and *... they are the best! Highly recommend them to everyone!!    
7/21/2017* very nice thats why we keep returning shes wonderful    
7/21/2017* wonderful along with Dr * great staff * so sweet really knows her stuff    
7/21/2017Great I will be back    
7/18/2017Everyone was excellent A !!!    
7/18/2017The ability to reserve a time is awesome.    
7/18/2017This is the best urgent cares have ever visited!    
7/17/2017Excellent service    
7/16/2017All were very kind and gentle    
7/15/2017I prefer coming here over my regular doctor office. Its clean, friendly, convenient and efficient. Thank you.    
7/15/2017I waited 2 hours in a patient room to get my ears cleaned    
7/15/2017Next time I will make an appt    
7/13/2017Awesome urgent care, fantastic staff    
7/13/2017Very kind %26 helpful doctor and staff!    
7/12/2017This was the BEST medical experience ever!! Everyone was so kind and helpful. Plus yall have snacks!    
7/12/2017This will definitely be my first pic for urgent care needs hence forth.    
7/10/2017* was WONDERFUL!    
7/10/2017Friendly staff, timely manner    
7/10/2017Great customer service.    
7/10/2017Love *, marry me!    
7/10/2017Love the staff    
7/9/2017Thank you!    
7/8/2017Everything was great    
7/8/2017Parking should be validated for patients that are too sick to walk and need to drive.    
7/8/2017Parking should be validated for patients that are too sick to walk and need to drive.