MedSpring Roscoe Village-West Lakeview - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/14/2017Everyone was extremely nice and knowledgeable    
8/14/2017Excellent care. Friendly and kind and understanding.    
8/14/2017The staff was extremely helpful and kind    
8/14/2017The staff was Very helpful and polite, thank you guys!    
8/14/2017Very friendly    
8/13/2017* is amazing. Thank you.    
8/13/2017Great snacks    
8/12/2017Quick, efficient and nice! Thank you!    
8/12/2017Very quick and everyone was very nice.    
8/11/2017Great experience!    
8/10/2017Everyone was friendly    
8/10/2017Great visit. Helpful and nice staff. Great facilities.    
8/10/2017I love the clinic the doctor was so nice    
8/10/2017Incredibly fast and convenient. Maybe obtain more equipment is all. Great job.    
8/10/2017It was a very nice visit    
8/10/2017Keep up the good work    
8/10/2017The workers are very friendly and caring. They make the testing comfortable and straight forward as possible.    
8/10/2017Very friendly staff    
8/10/2017Wheres my Copy of results? I should have access as well if I havent received one, thanks.    
8/9/2017Everyone was fantastic!    
8/9/2017Terrific staff. Helpful and caring.    
8/9/2017Very friendly doctor and tech. Doctor was very helpful    
8/8/2017Great service    
8/8/2017Great staff and doctor    
8/8/2017Had a great experience. Staff was great and helpful.    
8/7/2017Always very friendly and helpful!    
8/7/2017* is excellent    
8/7/2017Everyone and everything was great.    
8/7/2017Great doc! :)    
8/6/2017Everyone was very helpful and nice. Also so clean.    
8/6/2017Overall just nice people. WAY better than some emergency room run around    
8/6/2017You all have cared for my family so well. Thank you!    
8/5/2017Fantastic care all around    
8/5/2017Love it    
8/4/2017Fast and great service!    
8/4/2017Its been so helpful and quick which I appreciate since I would have had to take work off for regular doctor    
8/4/2017The service was fast and kind.    
8/4/2017The staff was very nice and professional . I didnt feel rushed even though it was late in the day. Great service!    
8/3/2017Great, quick experience    
8/2/2017Absolutely not; great service.    
8/2/2017* and * were wonderful and answered all of my questions. Thank you!    
8/2/2017Excellent staff and professional    
8/2/2017Great experience all around. Thank you to everyone that took part in my treatment today!    
8/2/2017I love coming here. Always great service    
8/2/2017Love this place, keep up the great work!    
8/2/2017The quickest, most efficient, and friendliest clinic I have ever been too. So happy I have this clinic only a few blocks away from me.    
8/1/2017Everyone is very nice and professional!    
8/1/2017Excellent care from everyone!    
7/31/2017Always a very comfortable experience here. Doctors and staff are great and friendly.    
7/31/2017Everyone was very nice and helpful    
7/31/2017Great staff!    
7/30/2017Excellent and professional service received.    
7/30/2017Staff was quick and efficient    
7/29/2017Everyone is so great here    
7/29/2017Great service    
7/29/2017Really awesome staff!    
7/28/2017Excellent staff. Loved having treatment options. Thanks to all.    
7/28/2017Lovely office and excellent staff    
7/28/2017PA was great    
7/27/2017The doctor I saw was comforting, kind and clear. In fact, all of the staff are awesome.    
7/27/2017A great place; very receptive and helpful.    
7/27/2017Beautiful clinic thank you    
7/26/2017Love the service    
7/25/2017Best experience Ive had in a long time. KEEP IT UP!    
7/25/2017* at the front desk was super helpful    
7/25/2017Everyone was friendly and helpful. Facility was very neat and welcoming. Thanks for the snacks!    
7/25/2017Everyone was incredibly friendly    
7/24/2017Be able to verify insurance when a card of insurance doesnt show a deductible    
7/24/2017The doctor and staff were amazing.    
7/24/2017Very friendly and professional    
7/23/2017Always knowledgeable and efficient.    
7/23/2017Great staff, very friendly.    
7/23/2017The doctor we seen was awesome    
7/23/2017The staff was awesome    
7/23/2017Very friendly and welcoming    
7/22/2017Friendly staff    
7/22/2017I felt welcome. Fast service and amicable staff. * and * are great.    
7/22/2017Nice and quick and polite!    
7/21/2017Everyone was efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.    
7/21/2017Everyone was very friendly and helpful! Thanks    
7/21/2017Great experience. Everyone was nice and professional. I felt comfortable here.    
7/20/2017Dr took the time to explain to me the various possibilities of the rash in my body    
7/20/2017Friendly staff    
7/20/2017Great service from start to finish. Great staff    
7/20/2017I appreciated being able to book appt online and all of the staff was great and professional.    
7/20/2017Just solid ,honest , helpful people.    
7/19/2017Doctor explained everything thoroughly    
7/19/2017Great staff, very friendly, clean !    
7/19/2017Hopefully wont need services again but if I do, will come here.    
7/19/2017Thank you for caring and being so efficient!    
7/19/2017Top notch    
7/19/2017Very comfortable setting, from a full tea, water and coffee station to the tv in the suite (exam room) with leather loveseat    
7/18/2017Friendly staff, doctor was thorough and knowledgeable.    
7/18/2017Online scheduling was erroring out    
7/18/2017So fast and nice.    
7/18/2017Super easy experience!    
7/18/2017The person on the phone who made the appointment was not friendly, bordering on rude.