MedSpring Bucktown-Wicker Park - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
9/11/2017Electronically send prescriptions    
9/11/2017Everyone was very friendly and I felt comfortable here.    
9/11/2017Friendly attentive staff.    
9/11/2017Great service and care as usual!    
9/11/2017The staff were extremely helpful.    
9/11/2017They are very professional    
9/10/2017Very accommodating and friendly staff!    
9/10/2017For minor things that you would go and wait for hours at the E.R. This is the best alternative    
9/10/2017Good quick way to get an Xray. Pleased    
9/10/2017Great bed side manor and attitude    
9/9/2017Great and fast    
9/9/2017It was just great. No complaints, wish this was my primary care facility!    
9/9/2017Thanks for being so pleasant and kind makes all the difference especially when Im not feeling great.    
9/9/2017Very friendly and professional staff.    
9/8/2017I always have great quality and fast service here. Thanks!    
9/8/2017I love med spring.    
9/8/2017I love that I ever have to wait a long time to see someone    
9/8/2017Very pleasant staff.    
9/7/2017Doctor and staff are very friendly    
9/7/2017Incredibly quick, focused and courteous.    
9/6/2017* wonderful customer service!    
9/6/2017Great experience!    
9/6/2017It would be nice to have more questions per screen on intake survey    
9/5/2017All staff very welcoming and efficient    
9/5/2017I hospital hopped for a long time when I moved to Chicago and finally have found a good fit for me in this urgent care. The staff is wonderful, the doctors know what theyre doing, the facility is clean, and the wait time is always so short. Im sold!    
9/5/2017My family and I come here and its always so easy.    
9/5/2017Thanks for being so quick and thorough!    
9/4/2017Friendly staff. Minimal wait.    
9/3/2017Very professional staff and friendly.    
9/2/2017Great experience already recommended to my friend.    
9/2/2017I am glad you have a parking lot.    
9/2/2017It was so quick and nice    
9/2/2017They were friendly and quick. Did a great job    
9/1/2017Fantastic service!!    
9/1/2017Great Staff    
9/1/2017* and the receptionist was amazing, fast, and nice.    
9/1/2017Nice friendly and very professional Environment    
9/1/2017This is the friendliest, most efficient medical staff I have encountered. Polite, patient, and thorough in explanations, this staff is my new go to. Thank you!    
8/31/2017Very nice and attentive!    
8/31/2017Very professional, easy to work with %26 good timing. The new tablet check in process is horrible. Way too many screens/questions and you cant do it quickly. I have MS and there was no place (besides other) to log this.    
8/30/2017Great staff all around, thank you for your help!    
8/30/2017People are friendly    
8/30/2017Thank you for the courteous and friendly doctor and her assistant.    
8/30/2017Very nice and professional. Would definitely recommend this place    
8/29/2017Fantastic facility! Great service! Better than my PC provider.    
8/29/2017Very nice    
8/28/2017Kind and professional.    
8/28/2017Nicest urgent care Ive visited    
8/28/2017No soap in bathroom and sound on tv didnt work in suite.    
8/28/2017Thanks for the prompt attention and for being sensitive to my situation and history.    
8/27/2017Terrifically helpful, caring, knowledgeable physician and friendly staff.    
8/26/2017Great service    
8/25/2017Love the facility and people everyone is very nice and professional.    
8/25/2017Friendliest staff ever.    
8/24/2017Very friendly and fast check in even though I was running late.    
8/23/2017Great and affordable center.    
8/23/2017It went good    
8/23/2017Nice place filled with nice people    
8/23/2017This was the fastest and friendliest urgent care I have been too. Definitely the best experience!    
8/23/2017Everyone was super accommodating and friendly and helpful.    
8/20/2017So great. Fast, nice and attentive.    
8/20/2017Thank you for the wonderful experience!    
8/19/2017Everyone is friendly and this place is incredibly clean and modern. TVs in every room! I would get injured again just to come hang out.    
8/18/2017Keep up the great work    
8/18/2017The few times Ive been here I feel very comfortable and safe. Extremely thorough and personable staff! Definitely recommend this particular location    
8/17/2017Super easy, great service and thorough    
8/17/2017Thank you for being so fast    
8/16/2017Great as always    
8/16/2017Great service    
8/16/2017Great staff    
8/16/2017I appreciate you seeing me at the end of the night when everybodys ready to go home!    
8/16/2017They made me feel comfortable and I felt taken care of    
8/14/2017Great service!    
8/14/2017Very professional staff, nice comfy office!    
8/14/2017Would benefit from having generic physical exam forms available    
8/13/2017Great staff and wonderful facility. Will be back!    
8/13/2017The employees are amazing    
8/13/2017Wonderful staff. Very helpful and compassionate. I drive from south Pilsen just to come here.    
8/13/2017Always quick and great service    
8/13/2017Great helpful and professional staff    
8/12/2017Everyone is always nice    
8/12/2017Fast ,friendly ,took the time to explain    
8/12/2017Had a good time    
8/12/2017Very satisfied    
8/11/2017Great experience everyone was very helpful and friendly    
8/11/2017Thank you    
8/11/2017This place is great!    
8/9/2017Great employees