MedSpring Bucktown-Wicker Park - Patient Reviews

(4.9 of 5) - Based on 1001 reviews
8/9/2017Super Friendly    
8/9/2017Very friendly and professional.    
8/8/2017Awesome is all I can say    
8/8/2017The service was quick fast and simple.    
8/8/2017Very friendly staff!    
8/7/2017Friendly %26a efficient staff. Thank you!    
8/7/2017Very courteous staff and short wait time. I appreciate that.    
8/7/2017You need a chair to take the blood    
8/6/2017Everyone was super friendly and professional.    
8/6/2017Fast, friendly, didnt have to wait when I walked in.    
8/6/2017The whole darn thing. Receptionist was the BEST.    
8/5/2017Everyone was really helpful and nice. Very clean and inviting. Would definitely recommend and or return!    
8/5/2017Everyone was so nice!    
8/5/2017Inform of required payment prior to seeing doctor.    
8/5/2017* is so nice thank you for your service!!!    
8/5/2017Staff was very friendly.    
8/4/2017Best in class.    
8/4/2017Everything was great. Loved the snacks! than you!    
8/4/2017Great Customer service    
8/4/2017Very courteous, fast and professional    
8/4/2017Very professional, friendly, courteous service! Thank you, great job???    
8/3/2017Very comfortable facility    
8/3/2017Very efficient!    
8/3/2017Very nice and polite and I would definitely come back/recommend this place.    
8/3/2017Friendly staff    
8/2/2017Great customer service    
8/1/2017Nice, quick work    
8/1/2017Staff was friendly and courteous. Did not have to wait long.    
7/31/2017Everyone was very welcoming and polite!    
7/31/2017Staff is friendly and considerate. Highly recommended. I feel taken care of. Thank you    
7/30/2017Amazing staff and service!    
7/30/2017Nothing to improve on. 10/10    
7/29/2017Awesome care    
7/29/2017Fantastic staff    
7/29/2017 front desk and doctor were very welcoming and helpful    
7/28/2017Everyone was very nice!    
7/28/2017Quick and easy! Thank you!    
7/28/2017Staff was very friendly!    
7/27/2017Very friendly staff %26 doctor    
7/27/2017Everyone was very kind and accommodating.